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Geetar Love :0D

I just got three new guitar effects pedals in the mail. They're all Danelectro Cool Cat pedals - Metal II, Distortion, and Fuzz. I have to admit that the geek in my really loved the fact that they came with cool 50's retro stickers to plaster, well, everywhere :0)

I haven't had an effects pedal since the distortion pedal my friend Sheara got me died a sad and tragic death by drowning (beer) and dismemberment (my foot trying to kickstart it as I refused to believe that it was actually fried). Now I have THREE. They were really reasonably priced (around $25/pedal) and they're pretty robust so far. I haven't tried the same deathstomp that killed the other pedal, but hopefully without the beer involved it will be a kinder, gentler deathstomp. Haha.

Anyway, I am inappropriately in love with how these sound so far, and I haven't even strung all three together into a proper amp yet. I plugged them into my 60W practice bass amp with the volume on 1 (I have elderly neighbors downstairs). But wow...the sound I was getting from these is just incredible. I can't wait to string it all up properly and really crank it. I was getting some really cool shoegazer style effects (Catherine Wheel, early Pumpkins, etc) and then I stumbled upon the intro riff for the new Kings of Leon song "Sex on Fire." It's really easy but it doesn't sound right without the metal and the fuzzbox on so I don't know as if I would have been listening for it in my noodling had I not had the pedals on. And then there it was. Magic.

I'm definitely going to build my own pedal box for these so I can leave it all in place and ready to go. I enjoy projects like that so that will be fun. Margot and I just worked on a little project together this weekend so I am still in Home Depot mode.

I'm dying to keep messing around with the new gear BUT I promised myself that I would go to Borders and tinker around with a review or a story. Although I was supposed to be there an hour ago and definitely go suckered in by the pedals, so I am already feeling guilty and thinking about just bagging it...no! Must go!



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