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To state the obvious, OMG SNOW

It's the one year anniversary of the day Rhode Island forgot it was a New England state and things like snow happen occasionally, and shouldn't they better get a plow or two out there? Oh wait, let's let kids and business people out on the road first. OK, now plow. Wait, what? The plows can't get through traffic? Aw, man....


So today is another storm and we were all released at noon. The kiddies had no school. And I saw no less than 17 plows on my way home. Ridicule and ire can do marvelous things when trying to revamp emergency planning! So M and I took a long walk outside along Blackstone Boulevard and it was incredibly quiet and peaceful. The snow was coming down hard (it's the right in between icy and the wet, heavy nonsense) and the trees and street lights looked like something right out of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Lovely :0)

Now I am sitting in my Underoos trying to stay warm whilst waiting for the shower. We have a frozen pizza and bagged salad mix waiting to go for dinner, and we found a ton of old Disney Christmas special clips on YouTube to watch. I'm dorkily estatic :0)

I am still plugging away on my short story, tenatively titled "The Sea God's Youngest Daughter." It's turning out to be a sweet story (sweet like awww, not sweet like awesome) and it makes me smile a bit. I'm looking forward to finishing it, soon hopefully.

That is all for now...I am off to VT for a week to visit the rents and bro with no internet access, so until then Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas!

PS - I am super excited for the Solstice up in VT, even more so than Christmas I think. Excellent :0)


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