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Friar Cat
I hate trying to be clever in these little bio sections. I stink at it, too - all of the things that are supposed to come out funny just sound super-lame and like I'm trying way too hard. So here are the basics:

My name is Cat. I'm a twentysomething Irish-American currently living in RI with my girlfriend and our two cats. Hobby-wise, I am in a long-term, committed relationship with writing, but I frequently engage in extra-marital affairs with my Fender Strat. Mostly I enjoy reading and writing fantasy/sci fi, doing pretty much anything outside, and/or rokking out to live music, mix CDs, playing my own music...you get the idea. I work as a hazardous waste program manager and I love my job. It's so much different than the stuff they show on TV - it's way cooler :0) In my previous incarnations I have been a die-hard softball player, an Irish dancer, an Ultimate Frisbee player, and a pirate. I'm currently a Friar.

I have been having a lot of good luck lately with random young adult fantasy and sci fi books, as well as Asimov's and Fantasy Magazine. I'm hoping to meet new people on LJ that are interested in writing fantasy and sci fi (short stories in particular).

Well, that wasn't so hard after all. CTHULHU FOR PRESIDENT! :0)